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Why you might need a writer

hats-our-specialtyWriting is damn difficult. It means strapping yourself to your chair on a daily basis. It means absolutely rejecting words that don’t resonate. And boy howdy, that’s hard to do, no matter how adept you are with a pen.

Writing is damn difficult, even if you’ve been writing nearly every day for 30 years, like I have. And writing well, especially if it’s about your own services, is even harder. Because people know their own products, they assume their competitive advantages are obvious. They aren’t. In most cases, the person shopping for your product doesn’t even know what to look for. And so the #1 writing mistake made on home pages is this:

Lack of a clear and ownable reason to choose your product over another.

What will your product or service do that others won’t? How will it solve a problem better than any other solution? How will it make the user more money / increase happiness / contribute to a better life?

I help my clients step back from their own stories so they can see it from a new perspective, not so much as a writer, but as a story enabler.

  • Here’s what’s interesting
  • Here’s what’s on a par with the rest of the world
  • Here’s what we won’t talk about
  • Here’s how your work will sing with your own brand story

My abilit to collaborate with people to build a brand story that informs content makes it all much more powerful. Which sells more. Which goes in your pocket. Which means life is a little easier and business is a little better.

If your brochure / website / ad is on hold because you haven’t been able to find the words, consider hiring a writing partner  in crime. Writing it alone may be costing you more than it’s saving you.

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