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Drive business by enhancing brand value.

Quite often, clients ask for something specific. We owe it to them to listen and ask questions before whipping out the order pad. Probing for more whys leads often leads to better solutions and even greater results.

The client gets listened to, we prove our value, and the agency ends up with more good work. Happiness all ’round.

Here are some examples of how work can be good for everyone.

This group of cancer docs in Cincinnati is always trying to separate itself from the guys with the big budgets. This series of ads, promos and radio positions them as the elite provider. Creative partner: Sharon Brink/BrinkThinks

New business, the new way

This venture capital firm wanted to capture case stories, but not in the usual paper-bound way. A pdf was created that can be put together in modules, allowing them to choose just the projects they want to showcase to each potential client. Partner: Tim Smith Design.

Online promotional items companies are all over the place now and they can seriously undercut the local guys who've spent years building up a reputation for service. This website was created for just such a company, giving us an opportunity to showcase their creativity. Partner: Dave Ballengee

What do you do if you're a low profile player in a big market? You use the low profile itself to play up your strengths. This is TV commercial 1 of 3 in a series for OHC Cancer Care in Cincinnati, OH. Created in partnership with OHC internal and Sharon Brink at

Coffee used to be so uncomplicated (and, I'm told, kind of bad). But today's coffee market is a whole different beast, as with local roasters Crimson Cup. This website helped explain their triality -- helping individuals start their own shops, plus operating shops of their own, plus selling beans to larger venues like corporate cafeterias, grocery stores and universities.

Making complicated my servant

I specialize in making the complicated simple, as with this pharmacy benefit management company, which merged with its largest competitor and took a new name. Not only were we now explaining new services, we had a merged company that needed a new identity. We began with a messaging matrix and ended up with this showcase brochure.

A touching video profiling Delta Airlines Cincinnati and a sweet Make-A-Wish family during their experience as they set out for Hawaii. Created in partnership with Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and Sharon Brink at

Channel Stratergery

This promo for Claris was aimed at the channel salespeople -- you know, the guy at Best Buy or OfficeMax. Delivered in a sports bag, it required the salespeople to learn about the product in exchange for an entry in a contest to attend the NCAA Final 4.

When giant Genentech wanted a series of brochures to give to physicians, I led the charge to do more than that. By thinking beyond the "ask," we gave the client more value and, ultimately, earned the agency lots more money. This interactive CD premiered at a medical convention, where it rapidly had to be reordered -- more than once. Partners: GSW Worldwide

cindi acker-hein

cindi acker-hein

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I love my work: teaming up with awesome creatives. Word nerdery. Problem solving. Simplifying. Intelligenting. Learning. Seeking FTA, SOH, PR.Read more...


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