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My seat at the Big (creative) Table

On August 30, The Columbus Foundation organized over 400 small groups to gather around big tables and talk about our shared community. As the host of one such table, I elected to invite people in the creative community.

one-tableAmong us, a photographer, several designers, a writer/yogi, a production director/spa owner, a business leader/executive coach and a semi-retired agency owner, who after years in the business is still blowing us away with his game-changing ideas.

This was a group of highly experienced pros, with enough confidence in their talents to take what others might perceive as criticism and use it as leverage for even richer ideas. The group quickly began riffing off one another, ultimately compiling a collection of far-reaching ideas that managed to encompass a broad spectrum of social issues.

As creative professionals, we spend our days ramping up quickly and making immediate contributions. We thrive on pushing each other to think more deeply and are naturally strategic in our solutions. It was a solid testament to why spending money on creative services is worth every penny.

And boy, was it fun.

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