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Cindi-Acker-Hein3 words on my career:  “OK . . . let’s play!”


I started in Journalism by way of The Ohio State University, morphed into educational publishing, catapulted to fashion and then realized I needed more.

More newness. More variety. More challenges to keep my mind busy. (I’m not sure if this demonstrates an inquisitive mind or ADD. Thoughts?) 

Since starting the Ninety-Nine Hats journey, I’ve been part of some of the most amazing brands, met varied and interesting people and learned about an entire alphabet soup of industries.

I’ve named a major health brand, concepted a campaign that changed an industry, interviewed homeless men and c-suite executives in the same week, caused a switchboard operator to threaten to quit, backed up a convention floor, written t-shirts, and branded a church.

Tactically, just name it. I mean, seriously. Tactics are to concepts what laces are to shoes. 

Social media is a tactic. A grand opening event (i.e. Social Media 1.0) is a tactic. We’re living in the Wild West of tactical options. What a terrific playground for the creative soul.

Looking for a dynamic conceptual partnership, a glimpse into the customer’s mind and the sweet spot between business and creative thinking?

Great! Let’s play.



Cindi Acker-Hein

Cindi Acker-Hein

Creative Strategist
I am a thinker and a dreamer and a learner. So after 10 years in the 9-5 workforce, I finally realized that full-time immersion in a single product category didn't feed my need for newness. Ninety-Nine Hats became the literal expression of my desire to experience it all. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

why you’ll love working with me

-Art directors love the conceptual teamwork

-Solopreneurs love how quickly I catch their excitement

-Big companies love how I bring consensus to cranky

-Agencies of all sizes love how seamlessly I join their teams

And I love working with anyone who begins a conversation with, "What if . . ."


  Phone: 1.614.436.4599