creative haberdashery


many-hatsA lifetime of experience and a suitcase full of hats.

Sameness bores me. Being independent means there’s always something new to satisfy my nerdy need for knowledge. It also means I bring a creative haberdashery of broad and tasty experience to your team.

Chances are, I’ve either worked in your industry or in a peripheral area. That gives us lots of resources and gazillions of potential cross-over ideas.


aerobics, automobiles, ad agencies, allergy medicine, auto insurance, als, adoption, auto glass, angel investments


boots, body lotions, breast cancer, bowling, billiards, bar stools, banking, beverages, business analysis, birds


clothing, concrete, candles, colon cancer, construction, commercial real estate, condos, compression hosiery, cystic fibrosis, coffee, computer hardware, casinos, charter schools, costumes, conventions, cookies, credit unions


divorce, dandruff, employee benefits, disability inclusion, dairy, data integration, drugstores


exema, employee engagement, employee benefits, employee events, employee communications, employee incentives, exercise, educational publishing, eye surgery, electronics


fasteners, fashion, fitness centers, financial planning, funeral homes, furniture, flooring, farm cooperatives, fingerprinting, foodies, festivals, fundraising, facial fillers, fragrance


growth hormone deficiency, gluten-free baking, gyms, golfing, golf course pumping systems


health systems, homes, hair products, harleys, home appliance technology, handbags, home improvement, handwriting, homeless


insurance careers, interior design, IT solutions, inventory management




kids’ clothes, knitwear


lingerie, lotions, laser vision correction, life jackets, laboratories, lawn care, law enforcement data collection, legal practices


medical technology, ministeries, medical staffing, medical supplies, medical missions, mobile ID solutions, motivational products, massage

maternity services, new homes, mortgages, network services, neurofeedback, nutrition supplements


orthopedics, prothstetics, parkinsons, online stores, outlet malls, outsourcing, office cleaning


physician-owned practices, promotional products, parking structures, printing, personal injury


resellers, restaurants, rugs, real estate, retail display, RFID, retirement, retail consulting, running


shoes, senior communities, software, solar panels, sales strategies, standardized testing, STEM education, sports equipment, store design, shopping malls, sunglasses, supply chain technology, systems integration, surveying, skiing, scouting, spas


timeclocks, to-go orders, tax amnesty, technology services, travel accessories


universities, uplifting women, utility repair and service


vision, vacuums, VOIP


workwear, workers’ compensation benefit management, wellness



cindi acker-hein

cindi acker-hein

writer + creative partner
I love my work: teaming up with awesome creatives. Word nerdery. Problem solving. Simplifying. Intelligenting. Learning. Seeking FTA, SOH, PR.Read more...


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why you’ll love working with me

-Art directors love the conceptual teamwork

-Solopreneurs love how quickly I catch their excitement

-Big companies love how I bring consensus to cranky

-Agencies of all sizes love how seamlessly I join their teams

And I love working with anyone who begins a conversation with, "What if . . ."


  Phone: 1.614.436.4599


"Can come in, literally at the drop of a hat and start working. Immediate contributions and high productivity."


"The combination of creative and logical instincts make Cindi a rare commodity."


"Thanks for stretching us to try new ideas."


"Cindi has a very effective way of choosing one of her 99 hats, getting deep into the features and benefits of your business from a customer point-of-view, and emerging with targeted concepts that really ring true."

Cross-industry experience

"Cindi is amazing! She is intuitive, highly creative, professional, easy to work with, fast, and is able to organize and clearly define highly complex projects. Her vast range of experience allows her to handle any type of project."


"We’ve partnered with Cindi on many projects over the years because we know she’ll see new angles and then deliver intelligent, well-crafted concepts."


"Cindi is one of few people who has been able to capture the essence of my work. She listens intently, does her homework, turns an incredibly well-heeled phrase...all with a delightful personality and calm demeanor."


"Cindi is a great thinker. She can analyze situations and information and come up with innovative solutions to problems."

Energy & Enthusiasm

"Working with Cindi was an absolute pleasure. Her work ethic, creativity and personality blend together to culminate into fantastic work."

Creative Partner

"“Cindi is the best creative partner an art director can have. She's not just an excellent writer, she's a big idea creative director who understands consumer behavior and hitting a target dead center.”"


"Cindi has a wonderfully creative way of meshing visual imagery with verbal language for the average person to understand.”"

Big Ideas

"Cindi is a valuable creative partner. She's not just talented writer, she thinks about the whole idea and consistently focuses on the customer's point-of-view."

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"Cindi's expertise in copy writing - from CRM to Industrial to Retail has been invaluable in helping me shape brand voice"