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magic-hatI’m a creative strategist: part storyteller; part dreamer; part business thinker; part client whisperer.


I get jazzed about helping people get to the next level. That might mean infusing your pitch with new ideas, or informing your creative brief so it gives the AE and the creatives a shared vision, or helping your client get past the barriers to delivering spot-on content that works. Really, it might mean a whole bunch of things. 

Here are some basic examples, paired with an idea of cost. The common denominator? I’ll help solve the problem that’s keeping you up at night.

Half-Day Conceptual Partnerships: $500

Prepare for that important pitch, wow the new client with additional insights, or just enjoy having a partner to share ideas with for a change. You’ll come away with at least 2 additional concepts to add to your presentation and be able to showcase a broader point of view.

Strategic & Creative Research: from $250

Consider this: many clients do not realize who their competition really is, nor do they know at a detailed level who their customers are. Begin projects backed by a solid discovery process so you can create work that rings true and delivers results. Includes a report you can brand to your agency and share with the client.

Insightful Brand Platforms: from $100

So many people claim to know the right way to develop a brand, that there is no right way. Truthfully, a brand platform should aim to help your client get to the next level with relevant insights that are as understandable to Irv, in Accounting as to Ed, the VP of Marketing. I’ll help you and your client develop an ownable brand promise, a repeatable brand character and a memorable elevator speech. As for the rest, let’s see what might give your client insight into their unique situation.

Wordsmithing: from $150

Whether you need original content, a fluff and fold, or someone to help get your client over the writing hump, I’m your creative and have abundant samples to prove it. Services include anything involving the written word, for example:

  • Naming & taglines
  • Campaigns and unifying messages
  • Brand voice guidelines and matrices
  • Websites, banner ads, tweets and blogs
  • Printed materials and broadcast media
  • One-on-one instruction, to help people write with ease and confidence
  • Content evolution, to guide a team through complicated or muddled messages and arrive at clarity
  • Fluff & fold existing content to eliminate redundancies and cut length

Creative Team Renaissance: from $500

I’ve worked in scores of creative departments, from agencies to internal teams, and I can tell you most of them are dysfunctional in one way or another. I use this insight to help you create a stronger team dynamic, whether that’s by creating more actionable creative briefs, or enabling frank discussion between account people and creative people. The result is a more fulfilling worklife and improved output.

Get to the next level! Contact me today.