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hats-cleanedAdvertising, branding and marketing agencies hire me to help them shine.


Over the years I’ve tried mightily to craft an elevator speech, but each time I share it with colleagues, they get a funny expression and a do a kind of doggy head cock.

“Yeah, well, you’re an amazing writer,” they say. “But . . . you’re more than that.” Very flattering. But how do you explain this to an industry that wants to organize creative teams into convenient buckets?

Then, as I wrestled with this problem for the umpteenth time, my husband says in exasperation, “Oh, come on. You’re a strategist!” And walks out of the room.

“Wait! Wait!” I chase him down. “Why haven’t you ever told me this?” His answer? “I thought you knew!”

Turns out I’ve been a strategist all this time.

Despite the lack of definition, my career has led me to some incredible opportunities to collaborate. Here are some of the ways this might help you:

  • Print Collateral, Print Ads, Outdoor
  • Websites, Digital Advertising, Social Media
  • Brand Positioning, Brand Voice, Campaigns, Naming
  • Internal Communications, Special Events, Speeches
  • Radio, TV, Video
  • Sales Aids, Newsletters, Case Studies
  • Signage, Sales Campaigns, Reward Programs






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Creative Partner

"“Cindi is the best creative partner an art director can have. She's not just an excellent writer, she's a big idea creative director who understands consumer behavior and hitting a target dead center.”"