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The Exclamation Point: Yes? Yes!

So I just watched a short piece on Netflix’s informative, fun nerd show, “Explained” that delved into the nuances of the exclamation point. Those who work with me will confirm I’m always asking them to back away from unnecessary punctuation. It’s gotten to the point where clients, especially women (you know who you are), try to slip exclamati [...]

Want your non-profit to succeed? Think strategically.

Want your non-profit to succeed? Think strategically.
Many of us have been touched by something so powerful, we are moved to take action through fundraising and awareness. And, even though it’s built on personal passion, a non-profit is just like any other business–its success lies in thoughtful, strategic messaging. Unlike a business plan, which requires hard data about funding and [...]

5 healthcare marketing buzzwords you probably want to avoid

5 healthcare marketing buzzwords you probably want to avoid
The ubiquitous healthcare stock photo. Overused buzzwords are as trite as this image. 1985 called. They want their X-Ray back. Healthcare is like any other business, with words and catchphrases that are so overused, they’re meaningless. I run into these tired words consistently; their use is often mandated by the client because they are [...]

10 words on writer’s block

10 words on writer’s block

Why you might need a writer

Why you might need a writer
Writing is damn difficult. It means strapping yourself to your chair on a daily basis. It means absolutely rejecting words that don’t resonate. And boy howdy, that’s hard to do, no matter how adept you are with a pen. Writing is damn difficult, even if you’ve been writing nearly every day for 30 years, like I have. And writi [...]

Why there’s no “easy” button for great content

Why there’s no “easy” button for great content
  I just hung up from a long talk with my brother Dan about the value of good content.  During a rambling 45-minute conversation about all things digital, I ranted on about the difference between really great content and content that just tries to manipulate Google’s latest algorithm. His take, and it’s brilliant, is simple: [...]

5 tips for the occasional copywriter

5 tips for the occasional copywriter
It can be pretty tortuous to put pen to paper if you’re not someone who writes copy every day. Most people would rather do anything else. Yet copywriting remains one of those chores that’s difficult to outsource. After all, you took English in school. You can certainly write your own brand story. Easy, right? I wish that were true [...]

Writing for financial markets

Writing for financial markets
I’ve been a creative partner in all kinds of finance environments, from investment bankers, to angel investors. They are all a little bit different, with their own set of buzzwords and government restrictions. Among competitive products, however, the differences are often very subtle. This means that it’s absolutely essential not [...]

10 words on writing

10 words on writing

What it means to be a writer

What it means to be a writer
Ah, the writer’s workspace. Scattered pencils, bits of paper, old take out and occasional fits of organization that swallow up the things you’re looking for so that you may never find them again. It’s a glorious place and in my case, in a wonderful room just at the bottom of the stairs. I’d like to say I never get o [...]
cindi acker-hein

cindi acker-hein

writer + creative partner
I love my work: teaming up with awesome creatives. Word nerdery. Problem solving. Simplifying. Intelligenting. Learning. Seeking FTA, SOH, PR.Read more...


  • joan-riversCan we talk about websites and creativity?
    Can we talk? The legendary Joan Rivers was famous for that catchphrase, as she worked her way onto red carpets and late night talk shows with her gift of gab. Joan, of course, made her name during [...]

why you’ll love working with me

-Art directors love the conceptual teamwork

-Solopreneurs love how quickly I catch their excitement

-Big companies love how I bring consensus to cranky

-Agencies of all sizes love how seamlessly I join their teams

And I love working with anyone who begins a conversation with, "What if . . ."


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"Can come in, literally at the drop of a hat and start working. Immediate contributions and high productivity."


"The combination of creative and logical instincts make Cindi a rare commodity."


"Thanks for stretching us to try new ideas."


"Cindi has a very effective way of choosing one of her 99 hats, getting deep into the features and benefits of your business from a customer point-of-view, and emerging with targeted concepts that really ring true."

Cross-industry experience

"Cindi is amazing! She is intuitive, highly creative, professional, easy to work with, fast, and is able to organize and clearly define highly complex projects. Her vast range of experience allows her to handle any type of project."


"We’ve partnered with Cindi on many projects over the years because we know she’ll see new angles and then deliver intelligent, well-crafted concepts."


"Cindi is one of few people who has been able to capture the essence of my work. She listens intently, does her homework, turns an incredibly well-heeled phrase...all with a delightful personality and calm demeanor."


"Cindi is a great thinker. She can analyze situations and information and come up with innovative solutions to problems."

Energy & Enthusiasm

"Working with Cindi was an absolute pleasure. Her work ethic, creativity and personality blend together to culminate into fantastic work."

Creative Partner

"“Cindi is the best creative partner an art director can have. She's not just an excellent writer, she's a big idea creative director who understands consumer behavior and hitting a target dead center.”"


"Cindi has a wonderfully creative way of meshing visual imagery with verbal language for the average person to understand.”"

Big Ideas

"Cindi is a valuable creative partner. She's not just talented writer, she thinks about the whole idea and consistently focuses on the customer's point-of-view."

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