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My career introduces me to lots of different industries and a wonderful assortment of super-smart, super-creative people. Here are a few of my favorite projects. Just click on the idea that intrigues you most.


 Add depth and variety to your concepts

with a true creative partner known for game-changing insights

 Solve complicated and contradictory objectives

with ideas that resonate both strategically and creatively

 Drive business by enhancing brand value 

with add-on ideas that increase your scope of work


cindi acker-hein

cindi acker-hein

writer + creative partner
I love my work: teaming up with awesome creatives. Word nerdery. Problem solving. Simplifying. Intelligenting. Learning. Seeking FTA, SOH, PR.Read more...


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Big Ideas

"Cindi is a valuable creative partner. She's not just talented writer, she thinks about the whole idea and consistently focuses on the customer's point-of-view."