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Add depth and variety to your concepts.

There’s almost nothing I like better than concepting. And when the idea is right? That’s magic

Here are some favorites. 


I really enjoy giving back to clients by partnering with them on special internal projects. This holiday campaign from 2016 shows just how wonderful that collaboration can be. Each client received one of four conceptual ideas, illustrated by the graphic design team and framed as a keepsake. It brought Thread more recognition than with any previous holiday promo. With Thread Marketing Group (

Cold Lady Radio

Radio written for a local retailer who sold gear for construction and outdoor work. The client mentioned they'd once done some promos with an invisible naked lady and I wrote the spot over Chinese in one draft -- literally on the back of a place mat. The voice over got it in one take. A local Addy winner.

This was a doctor's office giveaway for the Cystic Fibrosis drug Pulmozyme. We were told to use a dishwasher basket--everything else was fair game. I've included the concept sketches for fun. Partner: GSW Worldwide; Sharon Brink (now at BrinkThinks).

Demonstrating Expertise

This is one of several direct mail postcards for a medium-sized ad agency. It's one of my favorite examples of how to demonstrate conceptual expertise -- much more powerful than simply saying it. Partner: Bethge Communications (now Ologie).

The Sky’s the Limit

Ask me to come up with a fun error page and I'm all over it. This was created for DSW Shoes.

Silly human tricks

This was our second spot for the National Safe Boating Council and it was just as much fun as the first. In this spot, two fish lament silly humans who think they don’t need life vests. It was produced with stock video and a celebrity endorsement from bass fisherman Shaw Grigsby. The actors were all volunteer non-pros. I think the fish had Equity Cards. Created in partnership with Paul Worth Public Relations and Sharon Brink at

This was our first spot for the National Safe Boating Council and it was a blast to concept and product. In this spot, weekend fishermen and their dog head out for a day on the water . . . only to reminded to wear their life jackets. The actors were non-pros. I think I saw the dog once on The Actor’s Studio. Created in partnership with Paul Worth Public Relations and Sharon Brink at

This fashion show to celebrate the 100th anniversary of America's longest continuing Harley Davidson dealership really allowed us to stretch our conceptual minds. It took the basic idea of riding a Harley and applied it to many different personas. Partner: Doug Kamerer at AD Farrow.

These pieces were created for University of Texas Medical Brand (UTMB) in partnership with Thread Marketing Group ( They were inspired by the brilliant UTMB tagline: Working together to work wonders. The pieces were created to reposition UTMB as an important local healthcare resource in the Southeastern Texas market, where it had previously been considered a research hospital.

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