creative haberdashery

This might be me.


basketball-ninety-nine-hatsI have the somewhat freaky ability to get into the mind of any target audience. It doesn’t matter that I’m female, nearing 60, and just 5 feet tall. If your target is a 24 year-old male basketball star, I’ll grow a foot and a half, pencil in a soul patch, and shed 36 years.


I bring your team a broad depth of experience that includes everything from healthcare to high tops and pharma to farms.

Contact me for:

  • Creative collaboration / brainstorming / ideation
  • Growing your creative reputation to the next level
  • Word nerdery of every flavor
  • Research
  • Creative briefs that unite the right- and left-brain thinkers and enable incredible work


  Phone: 1.614.436.4599


"The combination of creative and logical instincts make Cindi a rare commodity."