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What it means to be a writer

Ah, the writer’s workspace. Scattered pencils, bits of paper, old take out and occasional fits of organization that swallow up the things you’re looking for so that you may never find them again. It’s a glorious place and in my case, in a wonderful room just at the bottom of the stairs.

Photo of pillow and bed by Castelaa (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’d like to say I never get out of my cozy bed to work . . .

“You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.” Saul Bellow, Author, Guggenheim Fellow

“Thank goodness.” Cindi Acker-Hein, Word Nerd

For nearly 20 years, this has been the place of wild ideas, late nights, blood, sweat and gnashing of teeth. Hey, that’s what it means to write for a living.

I never know what project will drive by next, but I can guarantee it will be interesting.That’s because I write lots of things, including websites, brochures, ads, commercials,manuals,packaging, brand names and t-shirts,to mention just a few. I’m also known for my ability to collaborate and conceptualize with partners.

To Wit . . .

For example, here’s a website I worked on for an investment firm, in partnership with the treehouse here in town.


This demonstrates my ability to write content that represents a consensus view from among several people.It also shows my ability to insert phrases naturally into copy. “Moving you from now to next” is Summit’s tagline and they wanted it wherever we could make it work.

Incidentally, if  you visit the treehouse site, know that I helped write their original website as well.

Do I have others? Of course, but I’m not going to go all gonzo trying to get everything on this site. That’s too much work and much too boring for you and for me. But if you’re interested in seeing more, I’d be delighted to tailor a presentation just for you. I’ve got tons of samples,spanning anything and every thing that requires creative brain power. Fingers crossed I haven’t misplaced something due to an ill-advised fit of organizing.

Hey, I’ve been doing this since God was a boy.Don’t get all judgey-judge because my trail drags long behind me.

That’s trail, with an R. Geesh.


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