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13 thoughts on 3 folds


The tri-fold brochure can be extremely effective, as long as you think your messaging through carefully.

The trifold (an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet folded in thirds) is ubiquitous in the world of small business. What with Word templates and Avery brochure paper, it’s also an easy piece of collateral to handle internally. Here are some tips to make your tri-fold brochure stand out from the pack.

#1. There are six approximately 8 1/2 x 3.6″ panels. Each has a specific purpose.

#2. The front panel is where you make your first impression.

#3. Include your business name tagline, logo and an interesting image.

#4. The back panel must work as hard as the front.

#5. Include user-friendly content: contact information, hours and a map.

#6. Or, make this the mailing panel. Just staple. No envelope needed.

#7. There are four panels inside, including the all-important flap.

#8. Use the front-side flap for your most important message.

#9. Or, use it as a two-sided coupon or form.

#10. Put supporting information, like specific services, on the inside panels.

#11. Keep your typefaces simple and clear. Forget fancy, fussy fonts.

#12. Use images. Find free art, or use your own photos.

#13. Have a ruthless red pen. Edit often and without reservation.

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