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Why know it alls probably don’t know it all

I always do a mental eyeroll when potential clients ask if I’ve ever worked in their “special” industry. They’ll say, “It’s different, you know.” No doubt the business itself is different. But the messaging? That’s pretty universal. I mean, as long as we’re talking about humans and not dogs and cats. (Come to think of it, dogs and cats wouldn’t be much different.)


Even dogs and cats need on-target messaging.

To be effective (i.e. drive sales), your marketing must communicate to a specific set of people who are living within a specific reality with specific needs. My job is to help you step back from everything and target the consumer where they are and in terms they can relate to.

For example, we knew that people coming to the Grossman Law Office website would most likely be facing divorce. This put us into their mindset (upset, wary, abandoned) and then into the messages that would resonate best (reassurance, confidence, compassion). Attorney Jeff Grossman, of course, knows an awful lot about his legal specialties. I know an awful lot about building a compelling brand story. We’re two sides of one message, more powerful than either would be alone. And much more powerful than if Jeff had simply thought to duplicate his knowledge.


Collaboration–not ego–leads to the best work. Here, it’s clear to potential clients that this law firm understands the pain and upheaval of divorce.

Jeff is an example of a non-marketing professional who understands that really good marketing is crafted by a village, without ego and with the goal being not to own the marketing materials, but to own the mindset of the consumer.

My advice? Be extremely clear-eyed when looking for marketing partners. You want someone who listens . . . to you and to your audience. Because you plan on listening back . . . right?



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