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Hey Pard,


I think we can all agree that design and branding is fun. What’s not fun? Doing it alone.

I can help with that.

As Ninety-Nine Hats, I’ve been an on-demand creative partner for over 30 years. I’m known for being intuitive, quick, supportive, honest, empowering, and easy to work with: a creative’s creative.

Got an important pitch coming up? I’ll be your sounding board, collaborator and all-in partner. Get an unexpected RFP? I’ll help you decipher what they want and then help you deliver job-winning creative. Do you feel like you have people working for you, but no one working with you? That’s where I come in. Someone on your level, but not someone on your payroll.

Truly great creative partners are hard to find. I guess that’s why I’ve been successful as the creative partner to designers and creative directors from dozens of industries, in agencies big and small, with contractors, with entrepreneurs – you name it. I’m all about the creative rush.

What I do

See concepts from all angles

Find value-adds

Simplify the complicated

Problem solve

Get into the mind of the consumer

Love it when the idea is great

Speak up when it’s not so much

Wrap ideas into campaign theme lines

Write concept summaries, example headlines and copy

Laugh. A lot.

What I don’t do

Hide behind a computer

Literal design

Production art

Melt down


Fail to find enthusiasm

Rock more ideas

with a creative partner known for game-changing insights

Win more pitches

with ideas that resonate both strategically and creatively

Boost business growth 

with brand-building ideas

Ninety-Nine Hats happily supplies creative haberdashery to businesses and agencies who are trying to do too much with too little. Why work alone when you can add a partner’s hat to the table? Watcha waiting for? Contact me!


This just in…

Check out my latest work.


OHC leads cancer research and specific kinds of cancer treatment in Cincinnati, yet it’s difficult to be heard above all the noise the big players are making. This campaign is an attention-getter that’s not soon forgotten. Created with Sharon Brink/BrinkThinks. For more, go to Portfolio/Brand Work

cindi acker-hein

cindi acker-hein

writer + creative partner
I love my work: teaming up with awesome creatives. Word nerdery. Problem solving. Simplifying. Intelligenting. Learning. Seeking FTA, SOH, PR.Read more...


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