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Want to up your game? I can help get you there with online coursework.

Want to learn how to be a better writer? How to wrangle web copy from your client? What to do if your client dumps a bunch of stuff on you and says, “It’s all there.”? How about tips to make yourself a better creative partner?

Here are links to my online courses, which are always being updated and expanded. At this writing, they are available on SkillShare, which is offering 3 months for only 99 cents. (Now that’s a number I like).

You’ll find lots of useful courses there, much of it focused on creative types, like us. Fair Disclosure: if you decide to sign up through this link, I get a small referral fee

Check ’em out, enjoy and please get in touch if you’d like to work together or just want to touch base.

Insider Secrets to Insanely Great Websites



Back when we were still trying to figure out if the Internet could make money (I know, right???), I was part of one of the first teams ever to create an e-commerce site. Site then, I’ve written dozens of websites and I’ve discovered a few ways to give any small business a leg-up on the competition. Check out the class.


Writing for Designers

Ninety-Nine-Hats-Writing-for-DesignersIt’s a sad, sad story and I hear it over and over again: “We created this great website but we can’t get it live or send a final invoice because the client hasn’t given us copy!” This class will help you manage the info dump when the client finally delivers the copy . . . in the form of a pile of raw materials and an offhand, “It’s all in there.”  Check out the class.